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Queer feminist life and futurity #1 – Introduction to activism and queer feminist utopia

23. April 2018 19:00

On April 23, 2018, starts the interactive lecture “Queer-feminist Life and Futurity. Tools for Queer Political Imagination and Activism from Killjoy to Cyborg” with Prof. Dr. Ulrike E. Auga, who will design a radical queer-feminist utopia on ten evenings. With her postidentitarian, postsecular and de-/postcolonial approach, she will discuss topics such as epistemic violence, agency and self-determination, as well as art, performance and activism. The first lecture will be an introduction to activism and queer-feminist theory called Life as “Black Lesbian, Mother, Warrior”, “Feministkilljoy” and “Human Flourishing”.

In order to attend the lecture series, no prior academic knowledge is necessary. Instead, we want to ask ourselves which feminist approaches are suitable for our realities in life. The lecture series will take place on the following dates in the Café of the Schwules Museum Berlin from 19.00-21.00h: 23.4., 14.5., 28.5., 18.6., 28.6., 6.9., 17.9., 8.10., 22.10., 8.11.2018
The museum is wheelchair-accessible. Admission for events is 4 €. To ensure that the museum is accessible to all, entrance is free with the Berlin Pass, for recipients of unemployment aid, and for people with refugee experiences.

Funded by the Senate Department for Culture of Berlin.