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Queer Futures & Future Queers

30. April 2021 20:00

Space – the final frontier? Has Star Trek been the space to boldly go where no one has gone before?

Star Trek has been one of TV’s groundbreaking series, representing a utopian future, breaking down racial barriers, inspiring countless kids and adults. Taking one of the most well-known Sci-fi franchises into focus this panel wants to discuss the role and representation of queer people and subjects in Star Trek, and the role Star Trek can play for transcending 20th century gender and sexual norms. It wants to look critically on queerness in Star Trek and questions if Star Trek’s failure to represent queerness undermines its utopian future.

The panel brings together a group of Star Trek aficionados with their own perspectives on the franchise: Eleanor Tremeer is an editor and journalist and has written extensively on gender and queer issues in Star Trek. Redfern Jon Barrett is a British-German Sci-fi writer and polyamorous role model. David Greven is professor of English Language and Literature at the University of South Carolina, author of „Gender and Sexuality in Star Trek: Allegories of Desire in the Television Series and Films“. Also joining will be Heather Rae, podcaster and longtime Star Trek fan. Heather is also co-creator of the #WomenMakeTrek project.

The event will take place online and will be streamed live on Facebook in English.