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Queer Kitchen: Growing old together? Queer solidarity between the generations

3. April 2016 19:00

Growing old does not necessarily mean the same thing to everyone. How, and with whom, we live in our old(er) age and what support we get from our surroundings depends on our financial and social resources. Discrimination of lesbians, gays and queers often intensifies as we grow older; while at the same time the care facilities of the public health system don’t match our special needs and wishes. Because many older LGBTI people are childless, there is limited care from direct family members. Additionally, many church institutions that offer care facilities for the elderly are dominated by heterosexual ideas of “normality” which intensify feelings of loneliness for LGBTI people.

The next Queer Kitchen will deal with the questions that this situation creates. We will discuss, with our guests and everyone who joins us, how “elderly” lesbians, gays and queers live: what needs and expectations do they have? What kind of problems are they faced with? What is their position within the LGBTI community, and how does the LGBTI community position them? How would a collective way of dealing with growing old look? What are good examples for lived solidarity between the generations?

Sunday, 3 April, 2016, 6 to 8.30 pm. As always, this talk will be held in an atmosphere of solidarity, with snacks and drinks, for a donation.