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Queer Kitchen

6. March 2016 19:00

After a short break, our “Queer Kitchen” talk format returns to the Schwules Museum*. Every first Sunday of the month, we will discuss current topics and conflict in an atmosphere of relaxed solidarity, encouraging an inspired exchange about our desires and utopias: where are we, what are we fighting for, how do we want to live, and most importantly, what’s next? There will be different guests for each event, and snacks, of course.

March 6.

“Between sexual liberation and the protection of perpetrators: on the relation between West-German Gay Liberation and the pedophile movement.”

Ever since the aggressive media campaign against “Die Grünen” during the general election of 2013, there is a very public ongoing discussion about §176, the age of consent for sex between children, adolescents and adults, and the involvement of the West-German Gay Liberation movement with all of this.

The distancing of the majority of that movement only happened in the 1990s, which is still used to discredit gay politics and politicians in general, or projects such as the Waldschlösschen. Apart from the understandable wish to counter these constantly repeated defamations, it seems that there is no real discussion on the topic itself and the problems that are at the bottom of it. How can it be that the demands of pedophile groups got backed by the majority of the Gay Liberation movement, even though, or maybe because, the feminist movement simultaneously put the fight against sexual violence on the top of their political agenda?

We want to talk about the way gay, lesbian and queer communities handle this topic today, as well as how pedophilia is being understood and treated by psychologists and psychoanalysts in 2016. One the podium as guests: Andrés Gonzáles Axthammer, Birgit Bosold, and Volker Wolterdorff.