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Radical romanticism, violent Cuteness and the Destruction of the World

27. May 2016 19:00

Talk Series “Radical transfeminism” in connection with the exhibition “MILLIONAIRES CAN BE TRANS* // YOU ARE SO BRAVE*”


– Mijke van der Drift – In this talk I will make the case that the destruction of the world can best be achieved through love.

I will discuss cuteness through the work of Tripthi Pillai and Sianne Ngai. I will propose cuteness has more in it than seems at first sight and may have political possibility. I will turn to a viewing of Neelu Bhuman’s Love Letter/Prema Lekha, which I will show contains a proposal for Radical romanticism. This reading will shown to be the ouverture for the destruction of the world through an engagement with Aristotelian Anima and Maria Lugones’ World travelling.

Mijke works on nonnormative ethics, trans, and feminisms both inside and outside of the academy. Currently they are writing a PhD. at the Centre for Cultural Studies at Goldsmiths, University of London. Mijke’s background is in philosophy and choreography.