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Reading – Inter* Pride: Perspectives from a Worldwide Human Rights Movement

26. June 2022 16:00

Inter* Pride is the response of the publishing collective Paul Haller, Luan Pertl and Tinou Ponzer to the shaming, norming and violence that intersex people experience every day around the world. This book attempts to find diverse and sometimes creative answers to these questions, combining professional and activist texts, interviews, and biographical and artistic contributions by authors and interviewees from Argentina, Australia, Germany, Great Britain, Croatia, Mexico, the Netherlands, Nigeria, Austria, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan, and the USA, among others.

There will be readings from the anthology and discussion with:

Dan Christian Ghattas, co-founder and Executive Director of OII Europe, co-initiator of the 1st International Intersex Forum, and has been advocating for the human rights of inter* people since 2019.

Ika Elvau, part of the group that aut clapped a third option in gender registration. Ika is always publishing on trans* and inter* topics such as “Inter*Trans*Express“, or “Identity crisis 2.0

Evelyn Köper, one of the translators for the book Inter* Pride, has been Ally of the inter* community for years, and is also a regular translator for OII Europe.

Birga Mayer, also one of the translators, Ally of the Inter* Community, as well as a freelance curator with a focus on participation, inclusion and participation – for exhibitions by all for all!

Paul Haller, part of the editorial collective, social worker and sex educator, co-founder of the Plattform Intersex Österreich and thus for more than a decade Ally for the Verein Intergeschlechtlicher Menschen Österreich.

Luan Pertl, part of the editors’ collective, chairman of the VIMÖ Vienna branch, training and education officer at OII Europe.

The event will be held in German spoken language. Admission: 4€.