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Rituals of Resistance

2. June 2016 19:00

“I Was Born To Make You Happy” & “The Dictatorship of Girlieness”

Rituals are mandatory…From now on freedom of choice must end…

These two works, one film and one performance capture a ritualistic approach to refusing normalisation. Both pieces draw us into compelling worlds of grief and loneliness leading us to the powerful outcome of resistance through connection.

During the performance The Dictatorship of Girlieness we are thrown into a political dystopia where our grief is mandatory and freedom of speech is a thing of the past. We are, however guided throughout the piece by these gifted performers into a new dictatorship wherein girlieness rules above all else.
I Was Born To Make You Happy sweeps us up into a fractured feminist utopia, where both Britney and witches collide, where the loneliness of a patriarchal world is challenged. Chronology is thrown out of the window in this exciting film in favour instead of a fragmentation referencing through its visual language the rupture in the 90s of emerging trans* theory as a movement away from a liberal white cis-feminism. In this enticing film we follow the characters in a ritualistic rejection of isolation and normality.