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This Is Not a Finissage

18. September 2019 18:30

The Summer Collective invites you to join us for one last performance event before we officially say goodbye to the summer, and to our space here at the SMU. The past two months have seen the museum come alive with engaged dialogue around questions of what it means to celebrate 50 years since the Stonewall riots. On September 18th, From Riot to Respectability presents two incredibly talented musicians and performers to leave us with some closing impressions. We look forward to seeing you there!


Stacy Alves is a black non-binary queer MC and poet from Curaçao. Their art is a reflection of their own experiences intertwined with that of folks with similar backgrounds and identities. Through their art they articulate political, emotional and psychological struggles that marginalized bodies and identities deal with. Transcending boundaries of language and interpretation, they push for political change, consciousness and chillness.


Mandhla is a 22 year old trans-feminine gender non-comforming body from Zimbabwe, Africa. As a current resident in Koln, she brings a blend of experimental R&B and Soul music intertwined with visual projections and performative dancing. Her music speaks of the daily trials that Trans*, enby and femme* immigrant bodies experience daily with love, identity, sex and acceptance. A strong lover of fashion, the art of voguing and music, she promises to bring to you an experience that takes you to a world of beauty and divine epiphanies through fierce queer representation and black femme power.