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Throwing Back (Slingshot)

28. August 2019 18:00

What do you have to throw back to the schools, the universities, the police, the Ausländerbehörde or institutionalised religions? What about the Kindergarten, the health system, the Charité, the pharmaceutical industry, the military or the State? What have they thrown at you over the years?
We are convinced that it is now time to throw something back at the institutions. Bring your favourite objects of anger and throw them against the wall. With a little help from artistic presenter, Hasan Aksaygın and a slingshot, we will throw high heels, pill boxes, and rejection letters against the wall. But “Throwing Back (Slingshot)” should not just be a one-time gesture – we want to leave a permanent mark and impression in the form of a 3D collage on the wall of the Schwules Museum.

Free Entry.