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Trans*, Inter* and Gender between Times

14. May 2023 14:00

When talking about trans*, inter* and gender, this is often done with reference to temporality: Be it through historical references to prove the existence of trans* or inter*, or through future prognoses of the collapse or the overcoming of gender and social orders. How were and are trans*, inter* and gender thought of in relation to yesterday, today and tomorrow? Together with up to twenty participants, we want to deal with these entanglements of temporality and gender(s) in a workshop. Sources will be provided for historical approaches, but (auto-)biographical and contemporary approaches are also possible if you bring your own materials. For everyone interested in the history and politics of gender(s), in German spoken language.

The workshop takes place in cooperation between Queer History Month Berlin, the Department of Didactics of History at the FU Berlin and the Schwules Museum Berlin.

Organizers: Merlin Sophie Bootsmann (FU Berlin), Greta Hülsmann (FU Berlin), Orlando Meier-Brix (SMU)

Please register by e-mail to lettieri@spinnboden.de

The museum is accessible without steps and has wheelchair accessible toilets. For further barrier information please visit the website https://www.schwulesmuseum.de/visit-us/?lang=en#/.