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Trial and Error. TRANSforming health and justice (Tour in English)

19. December 2019 18:00

Guided Tour

A free tour of the exhibition Trial and Error. TRANSforming health and justice in English (by the curator Sylvia Sadzinski and the artists Alex Giegold & Tomka Weiß). Reservation is not necessary. Only the museum entrance fee must be paid.

“Genitals on Trial” discusses a forced debate about privacy and the question for whom privacy must be preserved. The idea originated from debates following lawsuits in England and Scotland, where – mostly quite young – people were sentenced to several years of imprisonment because they had not revealed their assigned birth gender and looks of their genitalia when meeting new (potential) partners. In an open call Giegold & Weiß are asking for descriptions of people’s genitalia. The call is directed to everyone. Professional court sketch artists are commissioned to visually transform these descriptions. Visitors are invited to add their own outlines to the court sketch artists’ interpretations by listening to the descriptions handed in.

Artist Statement

Installations are for Alex Giegold and Tomka Weiß places of communication and thus of translation. Translated, for example, between spoken language and drawing. Between people who are marginalized by public discourse and people who have a say in discourse. Statistics and metaphor. Like through a mouthpiece, many different perspectives on questions of identity and sexuality, marginalization and normalization are expressed. Giegold & Weiß participatory exhibition formats are in this sense templates. It is important to recognize misunderstandings – to acknowledge that there are realities that find no equivalent in other realities. At the same time, the speechlessness that leads to imagelessness/non-existence is counteracted by the creation of image/word archives.

“No image belongs to the territory of documentary or fiction” (Dias & Riedweg)

Since 2011, Giegold & Weiß have been conducting research as a duo using multimedia installation art.