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Tuntenhaus Forellenhof 1990 (guided tour in German)

5. November 2022 16:00

A free guided tour through the Tuntenhaus Forellenhof 1990: Gay Communism’s Short Summer exhibition in German spoken language.

On May 1, 1990, a bunch of young Kreuzberg Tunten squat Mainzer Straße 4 in East Berlin. Tuntenhaus Forellenhof quickly becomes an anti-patriarchal community full of dreams, utopia and actual projects in their Kiez. Following a 3-day, round-the-clock raging battle, the short summer of gay communism reaches its bitter end, when police raid and evacuate the house on November 14, 1990.

The exhibition Tuntenhaus Forellenhof 1990 portrays the collective everyday life of the queer residents, from grocery shopping, cooking, and laundry to fighting off attacks by local Nazis, from roaring parties to political actions. Nor does it hesitate to turn the spotlight on in-house conflicts between East and West, full-time politicos and students, and with the women/ lesbians squatting next door.

A registration is not necessary. Participation is for free, only the entrance in the SMU itself has to be paid. Participation is only possible with a medical mask.

Photo: Tunten rollen DDR-Emblem über die Mainzer Straße, 1990. © Michael Oesterreich