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My Dearest Sweet Love: Christopher Isherwood & Don Bachardy

14. June 2019 19:00


Guest: Katherine Bucknell (scholar & novelist, “The Isherwood Diaries”

Music: Dame Leyla, Tobias & Marcello

The exhibition My Dearest Sweet Love: Christopher Isherwood & Don Bachardy showcases the 33-year long relationship between the legendary author Christopher Isherwood and the painter Don Bachardy while also shining a spotlight on Isherwood’s formative Berlin years. Bachardy’s famous Isherwood portraits, portraits of American lesbian and gay activists and a series of male nudes will be on display. Wayne Shimabukuro’s black and white photographs provide a portrait of the couple’s final months together. There will also be two David Hockney originals: the world-famous lithograph “Don Bachardy; Christopher Isherwood” from 1976 as well as a large-format Bachardy portrait from 2018, never before shown. In summary: scenes of an early and publicly conducted marriage, as bourgeois adapted as politically charged.

The vernissage is June 14th at 7pm, accompanied by a “Cabaret”-inspired performance from Dame Leyla, Tobias and Marcello and a discussion with Isherwood biographer Katherine Bucknell.

Free entry. The exhibition runs from June 15th until August 26th.