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Vernissage: Objects of Desire

7. March 2019 19:00

Sex worker led collective Objects of Desire explores stories around the everyday practice of sex work in Berlin through an exhibition of objects collected through ethnographically informed interviews. The objects range from the mundane to the bizarre, from a hand painted tea light given by a client to a bicycle used to ride to work whilst wearing heels to a butt tunnel. The objects, and the accompanying stories told by the sex workers who donated them, highlight the material politics of sex work in Berlin today. Through focusing on the personal stories of sex workers and the physical objects involved, Objects of Desire aims to facilitate an understanding of the everyday practice of sex work as work. 

The opening party will feature a musical performance from NEOCAMP, exploring performed identity, dislocation and camp; as well as a first look at the objects and stories displayed and artworks from sex worker-artists reponding to the archive.

NEOCAMP – Luke Howlin (b.1988) is an Irish born artist and musician based in Berlin. His work centres around performed identity, gender and cultural dissonance and his practice includes musical composition, digital technologies and performance under the pseudonym “Neocamp”. Neocamp began to gain attention as a performed identity in New York’s queer avant garde scene in 2013 and continues to perform regularly as an online persona, musical act and in traditional performance art contexts.