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Visually speaking! Three Films from Bangladesh. A Conversation with Dipa Mahbuba Yasmin

20. May 2022 17:00

Dipa Mahbuba Yasmins films are rich in color, texture, and sound. They are intimate, personal and of a calm strength. Speaking louder than words her films show a glimpse of queer, feminist Bangladesh.

We will watch two shorts: “Planchette on 25th April”, that deals with the murder of LGBTIQA+ activist Mahbub Rabbi Tonoy, and “Longest Night of the Year, an alternative take on the traditional Indian myth of Radha and Krishna. Planchette commemorates the brutal murder of LGBTIQA+ activists in 2016 which changed the LGBTIQA+ communities in Bangladesh overnight. Longest Night of the Year instead questions gender roles dominant in religion, deconstructs traditional expectations of beauty and challenges the male gaze of society. Finally, we will also see parts of “Madar Pir” a documentary about folk musical theater in Bangladesh and crossdressing within it. With Dipa present digitally we have the wonderful chance to discuss each film, the visual language employed and the context in which they were made with the filmmaker herself.

The entrance fee for the event is 4€ and will be held in English and Bengali spoken language. 3G proof is required.