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With Legs Wide Open (Curator’s Tour in German)

14. August 2024 15:00

A free guided tour of the exhibition in With Legs Wide Open – A whore’s ride through the history in German spoken language with the curatorial team.

The history of sex work has so far been written, if at all, mainly by its regulators and oppressors. In public discourse about sex work, there are many opinions and very strong feelings but little data. Those with expertise which only comes from lived experience are almost never asked. So-called “Schutzgesetze” have been developed largely without involving sex workers. In With Legs Wide Open, this story is written differently. A narrative unfolds that is characterized by pride, self-determination, and the fight for justice. The Museum of Sex Work at Schwules Museum presents – with legs wide open – an unprecedented display of the art of survival and a political vision of worker’s rights for all.

A sex worker led collective has curated a German and Berlin history from a whore’s perspective using archival material, oral history and artistic interventions. The central idea: Nothing about us without us! Sex work history as whorestory, as a critical examination of institutional devaluation, regulation, and surveillance, but also as a visualization of sex work culture through the ages, from the Middle Ages to contemporary activism.

Registration is not necessary. Participation is free, you only have to pay for admission to the SMU itself.