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Zeitzeuginnen Talk

19. July 2018 19:00

In the context of the LAZ/HAW exhibition we will host a series of “Zeitzeuginnengespräche,” i.e. discussions with eye witnesses from back then, women who were activists in West-Berlin in the 1970s and 80s. They will talk about their experiences and explain what “radical lesbian politics” meant back then and how these politics were defined. They will also explain from which social and political backgrounds they came to the group and talk about the conflicts between young and old, left wing and bourgeois, academic and non-academic lesbian and heterosexual feminists.

What was the social framework in which you could come out as a ‘gay’ woman and lesbian? Why did the lesbian movement dissolve? How did it become more and more institutionalized and professional? How do younger and older lesbian cooperate today? And do we need a new lesbian movement in the midst of current Queer Politics?

For the first “Zeitzeuginnen” talk, curators Dr. Regina Krause, Monne Kühn and Christiane Härdel (as MC) will be on the podium, together with Christiane von Lengerke and Rosie Giesen.