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exhibiting queer

3. July 2014 – 21. July 2014

Opening on 3 July, 7 pm


Curators: Michael Fürst and Patsy Henze


exhibiting queer is a project realised by students of Weißensee school of arts in which they reflect and irritate in a collaborative process the mechanisms of the exhibition space, the perception of viewers related to bodies and structures of desire in space. Based on the theoretical dealing with critique of normativity of queer studies and  institutional critique, queer becomes an artistic tool which makes the conflicts, the inconsistencies and the potential of contradiction in the exhibition space visible. The space concept both shows sociocultural inscriptions of the body as well as the possibility to undercut them. The generated model character of the space offers a changing of perspectives in terms of a social utopia. There is a inherent self critique in the piece asking: At what moments does queer become a norm?