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Guided Tours

Public Guided Tours

Every Thursday at 6pm and Saturday at 4pm open guided tours through the exhibitions take place. Registration is not necessary. The number of participants is limited to 25 people. We also offer guided tours by curators and tours in German Sign Language. You can find all dates under events here

Book a Private Guided Tour

You are welcome to book a private tour for your group.

Cost for a one-hour guided tour: 70 € + entrance fee

Guided tours of the exhibitions can be booked by email at fuehrungen@schwulesmuseum.de. Please let us know: Your desired date and time within the opening hours, group size, exhibition, language (German/English/German Sign Language) and a short description of your group (company outing, school class and year group, club). The number of participants is limited to 25. This rule also applies to school classes.

We are happy to offer you a guided tour in German Sign Language or in German spoken language with German Sign Language interpretation. The costs for the interpreters are covered by the museum, you only have to pay the tour fee and the entrance fee. Please enquire as early as possible.


Workshops for school classes and young adults

Love at First Fight!

For the exhibitionLove at First Fight!“, the Schwules Museum offers a crisp 90-minute workshop for school classes from grade 10, for FSJ groups and young adults. Alternating between input and small groups, central themes of the exhibition are elaborated and discussed.

Love at First Fight looks at more than 50 years of queer life and activism in the FRG, GDR and reunified Germany. The exhibition shows photos, interviews, posters, flyers, printed protest calls, underground fanzines, pamphlets – it looks everywhere where social change was achieved by lesbians, trans, gays, inter, bi and queers.

The workshop lasts 90 minutes and can be offered during the museum’s opening hours.
Cost: 150 euros for groups of up to 25 participants.
Admission is free for pupils, students pay a reduced admission fee of 3 euros, adults 9 euros.
We recommend that you allow time for an independent visit to the exhibition afterwards.
Booking: please send an email to fuehrungen@schwulesmuseum.de

Workshops for adults

Dreaming the Whoretopia: Creating a Public Health Care Road Map
Workshop for health professionals and/or students

A central theme of the exhibition With Legs Wide Open: A Whore’s Ride Through History is the effect of health regulations on the bodies and minds of sex workers throughout history, and how the current system continues to impact their physical and mental health. In this workshop, two sex workers from the exhibition team will give a mini tour/presentation in the Health Department and Apothecary within the exhibition, diving into the history of whore health and what happens when state regulation crashes into the sex working body. They will detail our current knowledge on global sex worker health and wellbeing with a focus on Berlin and its unique institutions, including personal experiences. After learning what sex workers think and what the data tell us, participants will break into groups to discuss the current situation in their field of health services; imagine a future utopia; and then conjure the concrete road map that will lead us to a future in which sex workers are not just healthy but thriving.

The workshop lasts 4 hours and takes place in the seminar room and in the exhibition of Schwules Museum in English spoken language, participants can engage in English or German. For 16 participants.

The workshop can be booked for teams and seminars in healthcare professions, FSJ or universities.

Costs: 600 euros for groups of up to 16 participants
Please register by email to fuehrungen@schwulesmuseum.de
When registering, please write something about the group and why you would like to book the workshop.

Caspar Tate: Caspar Tate is a trans- and sex worker rights activist, who is part of the peer-project Trans*Sexworks.
Ernestine Pastorello: A sex worker and sex worker’s rights activist for a decade, Pastorello has worked to improve the conditions of sex workers both in the US and Germany. Her observations of legal systems on her personal health and those of her colleagues inform this work.


Introduction to Archive Work at the Schwules Museum

This workshop provides an introduction to research and archive work with the Schwules Museum’s collection. Starting with a brief input on the functions of an archive, we will discuss what specifically characterises our archive and how it is organised. We will also give a brief outline of the history of the collection, as well as an overview of the finding aids and the thematic collection. In small groups, we will get practical, and the participants can start archiving themselves: they are given a “Mixkiste” (mix box) and can categorise articles, flyers, and other materials. After a short break, we change perspectives and present research strategies and possible finding aids. The groups can use the finding aids to research their own (minor) research question. Finally, we will go to the archive together and pick out some of the materials. Together we will discuss our experiences of archiving and researching.

The workshop is aimed at academics, university students and other interested parties who are interested in how an archive works or would like to conduct research in the archive of the Schwules Museum. In interactive, approachably designed units, participants are taught basic archival knowledge, but also have the opportunity to exchange ideas together. The workshop is suitable for groups of up to 12 people.

Kristine Schmidt M.A.: Research Assistant Archive
Jessica Walter: Research Trainee in Exhibitions, Education and Outreach, ArchiveThe workshop lasts
4 hours and takes place in the seminar room and archive of the Schwules Museum.
Costs: 600 euros for groups of up to 12 participants
Booking: please send an email to fuehrungen@schwulesmuseum.de

Please send us one or two preferred dates (Monday-Friday between 10am and 6pm), language (German/English/DGS) and a brief description of your group (students, college, advanced course, association). Please enquire as early as possible.


Self-determination now!
Trans*Inter* Workshop

The “LGB” in “LGBTI*” has arrived in the majority society due to the media presence of the gay and lesbian movements – in contrast to that, many people often only have little contact with the Trans* and Inter* issues, and lack knowledge.

This workshop aims to change that and consistently puts “TI*” at the center. Together we will not only explore what it means to be trans* or inter*, but will also look at how self-determination and the struggle against the deprivation of such fundamental rights has become a central point of far-reaching activism. We dive into the history of the struggle for self-determination and ask ourselves what we need to do in order that trans* and inter* people can live self-determined and happy lives today.

The workshop is aimed at adults and does not require knowledge of gender and sexual diversity. In interactive, vividly designed units, participants receive factual input on the one hand, while having the opportunity for exchange perspectives: which opens up the space for questions to be discussed in an appreciative atmosphere. The workshop is suitable for groups of up to 20 people who want to expand their knowledge for their work in education or culture or just in their private life.

Luan Pertl is an inter* activist in Austria and Germany with the focus on education and peer counselling.
Felicia Rolletschke is a workshop trainer, speaker, blogger and trans* activist from Berlin.

The workshop spans 5 hours and takes place in the seminar room and the exhibition in Schwules Museum.
Cost: 1,200 euros for groups of up to 20 participants.
Booking: please send an email to fuehrungen@schwulesmuseum.de


fun and easy queer glitter BOOM with Prince Emrah

The Queeres Jugendzentrum Queerdom and the Schwules Museum are located right next to each other in the Regenbogenkiez. Together with us, Prince Emrah has put together a framework programme for 2023 that invites a queer perspective on performance: from drag, belly dance, Afrofusion dance, singing, costume, hair and make-up workshops for the stage and everyday life, to sound checks, queer art and movement history in the museum, and karaoke and roller skating parties, everything is represented.

With a look behind the scenes, this cooperation aims to offer youth and young adults direct access to queer lifeworlds and topics. In specially designed workshop formats, topics such as identity, creativity, performativity, dance and queer history will be addressed with experts from diverse queer communities. In Prince Emrah’s words: “It should be a fun and easy project, queer, with lots of glitter and just boom!

Concept: Prince Emrah, Joo Grote, Panda Ortmann
Photo: Samet Durgun
Supported by the Berliner Projektfonds Kulturelle Bildung FS1, 2023