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Opening: SPIRITS

20. April 2018 19:00

Schwules Museum is pleased to announce the opening of a dyke bar within the Museum’s café for the duration of the Year of the Women*. A commissioned project realized by interdisciplinary, multimedia artist group Ernest Ah, T Blank and C Detrow.

The installation draws on various formative periods across dyke and queer historical timelines by using the knowledges gained from the witches of the past and the cyborgs of the future to provoke a contemporary dialogue around why dyke bars are dying, and what can be done to resurrect them.

We invite you to commonly invoke the resurrection of the dyke bar. Let’s celebrate dyke culture in its most expanded sense channeling past and present complex and fluid experiences of feminine-spectrum queerness.

The opening on 20.04. will feature a performance by Noirphiles/Adrian Blount (USA) and a DJ set by Nai. The evening will also provide an opportunity for guests to partake in Dyke Power! arm wrestling.

In addition to the dyke bar opening, the 12 Moons film lounge will be open to the public evening. The 4th program of the 12 Moons series takes place from 16.4. to 14.5. Running daily in the museum under the title “Dykes and Economy,” the fourth moon installment deals with gender-specific socio-economic inequalities, as well as the loss of public spaces and places for women*, dykes, and queers.

Free Admission.