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(How to) Dandy digital: Transformation & Dandyesque Self-Representation in Virtual Space

3. November 2016 19:00

Dandies are commonly identified by their unique sense of fashion, which in turn helps them find their position inside our shared social environment. For many young people, participation in social networks, especially Facebook, is obligatory to ensure their social participation. Are virtual representations of social networks suited to present oneself as a Dandy? An instruction manual.

Alexander Tilger (*1983 in Oldenburg) is an art-educator and works for Prof. Dr. Birgit Richard at the Institute for Art Education at Goethe Universität Frankfurt since 2011. His emphasis is in Game Studies, Fan Studies, and Web 2.0 Studies. He is currently working on his doctoral thesis on Fan Culture: “Communicative Fan Culture Practice as a Membrane Between Haptic and Digital Uniform(-ity)”