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Mit Förderungen echt was ändern!

23. February 2019 19:00

How to turn the power of money into power for many moves us all. “Societies are more human and stronger when gender roles are less binary and less hierarchical,” says Ise Bosch charity activist and founder of Dreilinden gGmbH, which aims to support the social movements of lesbian, gay, bi, trans, intersex and queer people worldwide. In her new book Geben mit Vertrauen – Wie Philanthropie transformativ wird (Giving with Trust – How Philanthropie Can Be Transformative) Bosch discusses, together with Justus Eisfeld and Claudia Bollwinkel, the question of how money and its associated privileges can be used to realize profound social change.

Dr. Gabriele Mittag will speak with charity activist Ise Bosch and author Claudia Bollwinkel about transformative giving and commitment to LGBTIQ + people.

Admission: 4 €. The event will be held in German.