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The Surface Tension Series

30. November 2015 19:00

Eine Film-Premiere im Zeughauskino, Deutsches Historisches Museum

This experimental trilogy by Liz Rosenfeld (Frida & Anita, HOCH, Die Neue Frau) tracks the interwoven stories of famous women and artists in the city of Berlin during the Weimar era.

Dramatising the stories of Frida Kahlo, Anita Berber, Hannah Höch, Leni Riefenstahl and Eva Braun, Rosenfeld cast her friends and thus ‘queered’ the well-known aspects of the lives of these famous figures.

Rosenfeld’s choice of setting her stories in the Weimar era, while shooting in an obviously present day Berlin, also forces us to understand time and history as fluid concepts that can be unpicked, drawing attention to how we create narratives and identities and how they can be re-created through different representations.

With the participation of director Liz Rosenfeld, Q&A moderated by Marit Östberg, visual artist, filmmaker and journalist.

Montag, 30.11. // 19 Uhr // Zeughauskino DHM