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fun and easy queer glitter BOOM with Prince Emrah

1. February 2023

A project with Queeres Jugendzentrum and Schwules Museum, curated by Prince Emrah: glitter BOOM for teenagers and young adults.

The Queer Youth Center and the Gay Museum are located right next to each other in the Regenbogenkiez. Together with us, Prince Emrah has put together a workshop program for 2023 that explores queer perspectives on performance. This will entail drag, belly dance, Afrofusion dance, singing, costume, hair and makeup workshops for the stage and everyday life, as well as sound checks, queer art and movement history at the museum, and karaoke and roller skating parties – we simply cannot wait!

With a look behind the scenes, this project aims to offer youth and young adults direct access to queer lived realities and issues. In workshop formats specifically designed for this program, experts from diverse queer communities address topics such as identity, creativity, performativity, dance and queer history.

To put it in Prince Emrah’s words, “It should be a fun and easy project, queer, with lots of glitter and just boom!”


Concept: Prince Emrah, Joo Grote, Panda Ortmann
Photo: Samet Durgun
Supported by the Berliner Projektfonds Kulturelle Bildung FS1, 2023