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Press: Fenster zum Klo

10. October 2017

Marc Martin: Fenster zum Klo. Public Toilets & Private Affairs

Runtime: November 17, 2017 – February 19, 2018
Curator: Marc Martin
Opening: November 16, 2017: 7 pm
Press Tour: November 16, 2017: 11 am

Marc Martin is not afraid to show explicit acts, even extreme, even dirty; but his photos always bring a different light from among shadows. His focus on the culture of urban urinals isn’t random; his approach transcends ages and generations. Marc prefers the messy realness of humanity to sanitized social expectations. His objective is therefore not limited to capturing the last existing relics, like so many of the vestiges of the past. Marc gives new life to these relics through reconstituted settings, filmed confessions, archive documents collected over many years. He will also present his more recent photographic work, as well as the work of others, all surrounding a variety of relevant quotations collected from everywhere, down to a few unexpected urinals mentioned in the verses of Verlaine and Rimbaud. From poetry to pornography, his work bears witness to the generation of today, of a type of sexual interaction that has virtually disappeared now. Glorious or shameful, our good old cottage toilet no longer needs to blush about its past.

Press Photos

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