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Message from Recep Ozdaş

11. October 2018

Hello, I am Recep and I just moved to Berlin after working as a research assistant and studying as a PhD student-candidate in Turkey. Here I will continue my work as a doctoral student at the Freie Universität and start an exciting internship with the Schwules Museum.

I focus mainly on queer research topics such as the sociology of space, queer space, queer memory and queer political participation. Therefore, I strongly believe that my internship at SMU will be productive and critical in terms of both the construction of published written memory and the dynamic, interactive process of exhibitions and workshops here.

In addition to this, the new emerging position of Berlin within all the topics I mentioned before is of interest to me. However this position has a danger of becoming centralized but provides an opportunity to dissolve the centralized positions into a new political agenda. In this context I will develop projects and possible collaborations to try and decentralize and close the polarized gaps between Schwules Museum and the migrant-queer organizations that are producing new way of doing politics here even if they face many white challenges.