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12. Elledorado ArtCharity

12. February 2017 19:00

On 12. Feb. 2017, the 12th edition of ArtCharity will take place at Schwules Museum* (Gay Museum*) Berlin.

Since Elledorado’s founding in 1998, it has supported more than 120 projects for our city, amounting to more than 170,000 euros. Most of these funds were acquired through the annual ArtCharity.

38 Berliner artist, other international artists and private collectors made an impressive number of works available to support elledorado e.V., affording them the opportunity to promote other of the Lesbian-Gay Foerderkreis (Promotion Society) projects, which, intern, promote the queer community.

Wie proudly invite you, on Saturday, 04. Feb. 2017, to the opening in the Schwulen Museum*. 6:00 pm will mark the beginning of a week-long review period.

The auction will take place on Sunday, 12. Feb. 2017, starting at 2:30 pm, performed by: Karen Scholz, auctioneer.

This project’s General Patrons, this year, are: Boris Dittrich, Advocacy Director; and Human Right’s Watch’s Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Rights Program.