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Finissage: Year of the Women*

17. February 2019 15:00

The Schwules Museum presents the closing of a year of programming focused on LGBT*QI+ Women and Non Binary people. There will be talks, dinner, music, and a performance by Olympia Bukkakis. Free entry.

// Opening Remarks by Dr. Emilia Roig, The Center for Intersectional Justice

// Lo-Fi Cherry screening and talk back: The Rise of the Pelvic Floor

// (DE) Panel Discussion and Q+A moderated by Prof. Dr. Elahe Haschemi Yekani, Humboldt-Universität

This discussion will focus on: the work of queer women and non-binary people within art institutions and how they are represented; how to bridge generational gaps between queer women and non-binary artists and organizers, and the role of the Schwules Museum in relation to this in moving forward.


Salty (Proud Voyeurs Filmabend)
Vera Hofmann (board of the SMU and JdF* Curator)
Roswitha Baumeister (Lesbisches Sehen / Pelze)

// Catering provided by Action of Refugees in the Kitchen (available by donation)

Cameroonian vegan meals cooked by and made to support asylum seekers in Berlin.

// Performance by Olympia Bukkakis

Active in Berlin since 2012, Olympia has organised, curated and hosted various queer performance nights including “Get Fucked”, “Fancy” and “Apocalypse Tonight”. From 2015 onward, she has organised and hosted “Queens Against Borders”, a performance event in solidarity with trans* and queer refugees. She is currently studying a Master in Solo Dance Authorship at the Inter-University Centre for Dance (HZT) in Berlin.

Evening Events from 19:30

// DJs

Anisha Gupta Müller (FemmeFitness) — neo perreo, dancehall, hip hop and more

Hellonaoki + Polymaze (Butters Berlin Residents) — 90s Eurodance

// Hank Bobbit: Butch Cuts

Hank Bobbit of the community donation-based haircutting salon for queer clients, Butch Cuts, will be cutting hair by donation.