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In Memory of Alice Carlé and Her Family

9. February 2017 19:00

On February 9, 2017, the Gay Museum*, partnered with the Magnus Hirschfeld Society and the Lesbian Archive Spinnboden, will host an evening charity event. The event takes place prior to the laying of four Stolpersteine (English: tripping stones) for Alice Carlé, her sister Charlotte, and her parents Nathan Moritz and Margarete Carlé in March 2017. After a brief welcome by Katja Koblitz in the name of the Gay Museum*, Raimund Wolfert will talk about the research on the Carlé family. Afterwards, the actress Sigrid Grajek will read two stories by the lesbian journalist Eva Siewert (1907-1994), in which she dedicates herself to the fate of her friend Alice Carlé.

Details on the life of Alice Carlé and her relatives were first established last year. Alice Carlé (1902-1943) was the youngest daughter of the Jewish Berlin merchant Nathan Moritz Carlé (1872-1942) and his wife Margarete (born Salomon, 1871-1943). She had an older sister, Charlotte Carlé (1901-1943), and an older brother who had a career as an actor after the First World War. Hans Carlé (1899-1950) left Germany around 1934 and died 17 years later in Tel Aviv.

The parents, Nathan Moritz and Margarete Carlé, died at the end of 1942 and/or early 1943 in the ghetto Theresienstadt. The remaining sisters, Charlotte and Alice Carlé, remained in Berlin. They were living as supposed holidaymakers in Kladow, but were soon arrested, interrogated, and deported to Auschwitz concentration camp by the Gestapo in the summer of 1943. They were murdered in the same year.

After the Second World War, Eva Siewert placed a touching and dignified memorial to her in at least two of her stories.

The four Stolpersteine will be laid on March 22, 2017 at 9:00 am in front of Beuthstraße 10 (near Spittelmarkt), the last residence of the Carlé family.

The proceeds for the admission to the charity event will be used to help finance the Stolpersteine and the installation. Additional donations are welcome.