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Intimations of Dissent: Sexuality’s History

8. March 2023 18:00

Public Keynote by Anjali Arondekar

Concerned with the politics and poetics of sexuality, race and history writing, Anjali Arondekar poses questions related to colonial archives, exemplarity, and geopolitics. What constitutes historical evidence of sexuality? How do we read such evidence? From which positions of power do we read it? Such methodological concerns bring genealogies of area studies to bear on Anglo-American histories of literature and culture. They ask how such an attention to “area” calibrates questions of race, gender and sexuality.

The lecture is part of the workshop Abundance: Queer Worldings in Anthropology organized by the Working Group ‘Gender & Sexualities | Queer Anthropology’ (German Anthropological Association) in cooperation with the Research Area ‘Gender, Body, Sexuality’ (Freie Universität Berlin).

Anjali Arondekar is Professor of Feminist Studies, and Founding Co-Director, Center for South Asian Studies, University of California, Santa Cruz.


Image: imadgebrayel.com