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Songs and Chamber Music by Siegfried Wagner and Clement Harris

22. June 2017 19:00

With introduction and further explanations by curator Peter P. Pachl.

Students of UdK, class of Prof. Norbert Biermann, will interpret Siegfried Wagners Oeuvre and chamber music by Clement Harris.

Clement Harris was the love of Siegfried Wagners life. Harris introduced Wagner to his friend Oscar Wilde and showed him a more progressive way of homosexual life. His brilliant chamber music for piano (ie. II pensieroso after John Milton) are next to unknown in Germany. Nonetheless, they are a big landmark in LGBTIQ-music history.

Johanna Knauth, Sopran
Ya-Chung Huang, Tenor
Yilin He, Bariton

Accompanying on the piano and and solo piano-pieces by Clement Harris: Norbert Biermann


For the concert, the musicians will use a piano A-170 of the Bayreuth-manufactory Steingraeber & Söhne. www.steingraeber.de

In cooperation with Pianopianissimo-music theatre