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»Mein wunderbares Westberlin« – Panel zum Film

13. July 2017 20:00

Schwules Museum* will show excerpts of MEIN WUNDERBARES WEST-BERLIN on July 13th 2017 in the presence of the film’s director. Following, Jochen Hick, Dr. Birgit Bosold, Dorothée von Diepenbroik, Khary Polk, Naomi No Donath and Karl-Heinz Steinle will discuss work in archives and politics of memory. Admission 8 pm, Begin 8:30 pm.

MEIN WUNDERBARES WEST-BERLIN takes us on a fascinating, gay journey through time: The 50’s and 60’s with its lively subculture in in the shadow of §175; the 70’s, time of social upheavals and pioneering emancipation movement; and the 80’s, heavily influenced by the differentiation of queer life, but also by the devastating impact of Aids.

Director Jochen Hick interviews prominent and less prominent protagonists: activists and hedonists, travesty-stars and museum’s founders, directors and club-owners, designers and djs. They recount personal and societal struggles, remember secret gazes and ecstatic sex, legendary parties and indignant protests, passionate quarrels and unexpected alliances. With additional never-seen-before material from the archive of Schwules Museum*, a fascinating mirror view of West-Berlin – and its societal heritage – is created.

Admission 8 pm | Screening 8:30 pm | Facebook-Event | Tickets