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Online-Workshop Trans*Inter* awareness (in German Sign Language and spoken language)

29. January 2022 11:00

Online-Workshop Trans*Inter* awareness in German Sign Language and spoken language

The “LGB” in “LGBTI*” has meanwhile reached the mainstream due to the media presence of the gay and lesbian movement – many people, on the other hand, have rarely come into contact with the terms trans* and inter*, most of them lack knowledge.

This online workshop wants to change that and consistently focuses on the “TI*”: Activists present their perspective and present the struggles in the history of queer movements over the last few decades. They also provides information on current socio-political debates, such as the discussion about the legal change of gender markers. A main issue is to point out discriminatory backgrounds and practices in medicine and society. The workshop gives an overview of trans* and inter* debates and shows why there will still be a fight for gender and physical self-determination on many levels in 2022.

The workshop is aimed at adults and does not require any prior knowledge of gender and sexual diversity. In interactive, clearly designed units, participants receive input and have the opportunity to exchange ideas: open questions can be discussed in an appreciative atmosphere. The workshop is suitable for people who want to educate and sensitize themselves to their work in education, culture or in private.

Luan Pertl is an inter* activist in Austria and Germany with a focus on educational work and peer counseling.
Felicia Rolletschke is a freelance workshop trainer, orator, blogger and trans* activist from Berlin.

Please register per email at fuehrungen@schwulesmuseum.de and write us with the registration one sentence about why you would like to participate. The workshop in German spoken and sign language is free of charge.

Donations via PayPal or bank transfer are always welcome – please enter the word “Bildung” as the purpose:


The workshop lasts 4 hours and takes place on the online platform Zoom.

Header image: “The layers of gendered clothing”, Josch Hoenes and Tomka Weiß, Tusche & Backlit Foil, 2013 – 2020; Photo: L * Reiter