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Queer-feministisches Leben und Futurität #10

12. November 2018 19:00

The interactive reading series “Queer Feminist Life and Futurity: Workshop for Queer Political Imagination and Activism from Kill Joy to Cyborg” with Prof. Dr. Ulrike E. Auga is split over the course of 10 evenings. In this series she drafts a radical queer feminist utopia. With her post-identity, post-secular, and de-/post- colonial approach Prof. Auga discusses themes such as violence, agency, and autonomy as well as art, performance, and activism.

The theme of this lecture is Conclusion and Outlooks. „Becoming“, Collective Assemblages and Agency.

In the last lecture we will look for conclusions and perspectives moving forward with the questions: How exactly is queer collectivity possible? How can agency be won? How can we manifest queer feminist utopia in reality?

Reduced price for students day of event: 2€

**This event has been rescheduled for Monday, 12.11 at 7pm

Sponsored by the Berlin Senate for Culture and Europe