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Reconnective Cruising™

20. July 2017 19:00

At various stages throughout the exhibition, Daniel Bernhard Cremer (aka “GAIABOI” – his ecosexual hippie-persona) will be physically present and on display at the Schwules Museum*. As a live exhibit, his presence aims to demonstrate cultural techniques of “gay cruising” whilst offering the possibility of intimate encounter to any and all visitors of Odarodle. Like an interpreter at an open-air museum or a human specimen in an ethnological exposition, GAIABOI will perform symbolic gestures and forms of social exchange in a manner that claims authenticity as much as it is fictional. His own apparent embodiment – white, cis-male, German, and possibly gay – exaggerates the supposed “subject” of the Schwules Museum* itself, in order to problematize approaches in representing “Otherness.” By emphasizing the set of fictions that maintain the ethnological gaze and using the dynamics of “seeing and being seen” playfully, GAIABOI will not only reproduce “gay cruising” as a sexually ambiguous performance, but also attempt to redefine what intimate exchange between strangers can be and mean – all according to his personal wish to become a “Walking Retreat Center.” 100% Anonymous and Discrete, 100% Unconditional!

Daniel Bernhard Cremer / GAIABOI (1983, Mönchengladbach, West Germany) works as an author, performer, and director. As a director, he staged operas, co-created collectively written plays, and initiated participatory projects by and for children as well as grown-ups. After creating a series of performative simulations under the title TALKING STRAIGHT from 2010 – 2014, Daniel was a founding member of the eponymous theatre group and worked with TALKING STRAIGHT until 2016, performing at Studio R / Maxim-Gorki-Theater, Theater Neumarkt Zürich, Münchner Kammerspiele and the “Stückemarkt” of the Berliner Theatertreffen. Solo-performances have been shown at Theater Bremen, Theater Basel, Berlinische Galerie, Gesellschaft für aktuelle Kunst Bremen and nGbK Berlin (Christopher Street Denial, 2014). As part of his interest in new ways of expressing sexual pleasure and intimacy, Daniel belongs to the ecosexual movement, a current in contemporary art and sexuality that sees the Earth as a lover and aims to invent new practices of relating to nature and humans alike. A recent collaboration with the artist-activist couple Annie Sprinkle and Beth Stephens, who inspired this movement, took place at documenta 14 in Kassel, where he performed in and co-directed the “Ecosexual Walking Tour” as well as giving free sex advice in their performance “Sidewalk Sex Clinic.” His upcoming solo show, “BORN TO MAKE YOU HAPPY” will premiere on September 16th, 2017 at Mousonturm in Frankfurt (Main) as part of the Musikfest Frankfurt.

July 20th 7pm – end; July 21th 2pm – 6pm; July 22th 2pm – 5pm

This event is part of the public programme in association with the exhibition »Odarodle – An imaginary their_story of naturepeoples, 1535-2017«, running from July 21st till October 16th at Schwules Museum*.

»Odarodle« is funded by the International Museum Fellowship Programme of the German Federal Cultural Foundation. Presented by Siegessäule – we are queer Berlin.