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Vernissage: 100 BERLIN BASED MEN

29. March 2018 19:00

Free Admission!

Thiel’s paper cut-outs are world-renowned. They are featured in notable private collections and major museums and institutions in the US, Australia, and Europe. They can be found in the collections of the German Parliament as well as the National Gallery in Berlin.

Concurrently, Schwules Museum will present objects and fotographs on “Leather”, among them the private collection of leather boots by Volker Zimmermann, which were given to Schwules Museum in 2013 and first shown during the celebrated “Homosexualit_ies” exhibition at Deutsches Historisches Museum/DHM. Works by Krista Beinstein and Gerhard Pohl will also be featured.

Curator Wolfgang Theis and Artist Stefan Thiel will attend the exhibition’s opening in person!