Opening Hours

Mon, Wed & Thu & Fri 2 pm - 6 pm

+49 (0) 30 61 20 22 85

The library of the Schwules Museum* is situated in the upper floor of the building at Lützowstraße 73 and may be used without registration during opening hours. It is a reference library only, with desks for visitors and a coin-operated copy machine. The information/help desk in the reading room offers assistance with any further questions.

In preparation for your visit, we recommend looking through the classification system according to which the library is structured.

The library consists of more than 16,000 volumes covering all areas of male homosexuality, but with a major emphasis on art. This includes a large amount of grey literature and academic writings. For some years now, literature on female homosexuality has been collected with greater intensity. We also recommend a visit to the lesbian archive Spinnboden, where the largest collection with this focus is maintained. We also strive to make standard literature on trans* and intersex lifestyles available.

Our book holdings can be searched in the online catalogue, although online orders are not possible.

Our magazine holdings cannot yet be searched online, only in the library itself. We have over 1500 magazines from all over the world at hand. The collection spans the spectrum from political flyers to pornography, program brochures to lifestyle magazines. Particularly, the collection of German-language publications from 1868 onwards is nearly complete.

Our film holdings cannot yet be searched online, only in the library itself. So far, the collection encompasses approximately 4000 films, mostly video in VHS format, as well as ca. 600 Super8 films (porn) from the seventies. This includes around 1000 films on the topic of AIDS. Films can be viewed by appointment only at the media work station in the library. 

Other Media

Other media such as records, cassettes, audiotapes, CDs and digitalized items of all sorts cannot yet be searched online, only in the library itself. Our holdings consist of an extensive record collection, live recordings of gay and lesbian radio productions, documentations and interviews with historical witnesses.