Preview 01 June 2016

Free guided tours at the Schwules Museum*

Thur, 2 June at 18 pm guided tour "Ken. To Be Destroyed"

Sat, 4 June at 16 pm guided tour "Superqueeroes"

Thur, 9 June at 18 pm guided tour "MILLIONAIRES CAN BE TRANS*"

Sat, 11 June at 16 pm guided tour "Ken. To Be Destroyed"

Thur, 16 June at 18 pm guided tour "Superqueeroes"

Sat, 18 June at 16 pm guided tour "MILLIONAIRES CAN BE TRANS*"

Sat, 25 June at 16 pm guided tour "Superqueeroes"


more guided tours on request: kontakt(at)

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Exhibition 20 May 2016 - 18 September 2016


Framed by a program of performances, lectures and film screenings, millionaires can be trans* // you are so brave* is a multimedia exhibition that explores possibilities beyond traditional transgender narratives.

The title ironically cites two dominant perspectives within the media. Firstly, millionaires can be trans*, critiques the obsession with trans* celebrity success. Secondly, you are so brave*, is a humorous reference to cisgender perspectives that effectively reduce trans* lives to...

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News 19 May 2016

Press Release from Cassils: "The real issue is transphobia."

An exhibition poster featuring trans artist Cassils was banned from German train stations by the German government. The Deutsche Bahn AG railway company has now reversed its decision in response to allegations of homophobia. The real issue is transphobia.

Preceding the opening of the blockbuster travelling exhibition Homosexuality_ies at the LWL-Museum fur Kunst und Kultur, Germany on May 12, 2016, the Deutsche Bahn AG railway company banned the display of posters advertising the exhibition....

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Ashkan Sepahvand is the new Curatorial Fellow in the Schwules Museum*

Ashkan Sepahvand is pleased to join the Schwules Museum* for the next 18 months as a Curatorial Fellow as part of the International Museum Fellowship programme funded by The Federal Cultural Foundation.

Here he will be researching the Museum's archive to develop a re-reading of the history of LGBTIQ*- Heritage in Germany from a post-colonial perspective. This will take on the form of a intervention as part of the Permanent Exhibition of the Schwules Museum* opening in 2018.

Sepahvand is an...

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News 09 May 2016, 11:32

New Communications Manager: Jan Schnorrenberg

Jan Schnorrenberg has recently joined our museum team as part of our press office. He will be responsible for public relations and the daily maintenance of this website. Additionally, he will supervise our social media channels and help develop and implement new approaches to social media for the SMU*.

Jan is living in Berlin since 2010 and is currently finishing his master’s degree in Cultural Studies at Humboldt-University.  He completed his bachelor’s degree in European Ethnology in 2014....

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News 11 April 2016, 13:53

New head of the archive and library: Dr. Wolfgang Cortjaens

Wolfgang Cortjaens has recently joined our museum team: since 1 April, 2016, he is the new head of our archive and library. He will look after the extensive museum collection, which includes a systematic and digital cataloging of our inventory, in order to create a general database. Additionally, he will help curate exhibitions, including the new permanent exhibition of the SMU*.

Cortjaens, who is of German-Dutch origin, has a PhD in art history and the history of architecture. He was...

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Preview 02 June 2016, 20:00

Rituals of Resistance

"I Was Born To Make You Happy" & "The Dictatorship of Girlieness"

Rituals are mandatory…From now on freedom of choice must end…

These two works, one film and one performance capture a ritualistic approach to refusing normalisation. Both pieces draw us into compelling worlds of grief and loneliness leading us to the powerful outcome of resistance through connection.

During the performance The Dictatorship of Girlieness we are thrown into a political dystopia where our grief is mandatory and...

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Preview 09 June 2016, 19:00 - 09 June 2016

“Tranny Schock”

Discussion about the topic „Trans* & Tranny“ in queer comics, together with two notorious (multimedia)trannys within the frame of the exhibition “Superqueeroes”.

We will discuss with the two performance artists and columnists about dealing with terms and definitions like “Tranny” inside the queer scene. How politically incorrect is it to use a word like “Tranny” or “Transe”? How “painful” is this for trans*people to be confronted in this way, how legitimate are calls to ban such terms? And: How...

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Preview 16 June 2016, 19:00 - 16 June 2016

„The Lesbians where really very cruel.“ Cogitation about Homophobia, Queers and transgressive sexuality during Holocaust

How come that in over ten thousand reports of Holocaust survivors there’s not a single voice of a jewish homosexual? There where gay and lesbian jewish deportees; however they where not allowed to attest. This talk thinks of the manifested homophobia in the memory of the survivors, which is dictating until present, what is being told, collected in archives and allowed to be researched by historians and what this means to writing queer history.

Dr. Anna Hájková is Assistant Professor at...

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Preview 05 June 2016, 18:30 - 05 June 2016

What's Next? Queer Kitchen: Was fordern LGBT*, die sich in rechten Parteien organisieren?

Rechtspopulistische und rassistische Positionen sind allgegenwärtig - auch innerhalb von LGBT*-Communities.  Längst geht es nicht mehr nur um die Folgen, die das Erstarken rechter Parteien für die Errungenschaften von  LGBTQ*-Bewegungen haben könnte. Im vergangenen Jahr planten die rechtspopulistischen Schwedendemokraten einen eigenen CSD durch ein vorwiegend migrantisches Stadtviertel in Stockholm, ein bekennender Schwuler ist Vizevorsitzender von Frankreichs rechtsextremem Front National und...

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Preview 08 June 2016, 18:30 - 08 June 2016

From Thick Skin to Femme Armour: On Femme of Colour Art, Organizing and Resistance

Series of lectures: Radical Transfeminism in connection with the exhibition MILLIONAIRES CAN BE TRANS*

“[They] took control of their bodies— bodies that were radical in their mere existence in this misogynistic, transphobic, elitist world— because their bodies, their wits, their collective legacy of survival, were tools to care for themselves when their families, our government, and our medical establishment turned their backs.” – Janet Mock, Redefining Realness

In this presentation, Kama La...

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