Event 01 June 2016 - 30 July 2016

Free guided tours at the Schwules Museum*

Thur, 28 July at 17 h guided tour "Bühnenbild: Peter Kothe" with Wolfgang Theis

Sat, 30 July at 16 h guided tour MILLIONAIRES CAN BE TRANS* // YOU ARE SO BRAVE*

Sat, 06 August at 16 h guided tour through all our current exhibitions with Dr. Kevin Clarke

Thur, 11 August at 16 h guided tour "Bühnenbild: Peter Kothe"

Sat, 13 August at 16 h guided tour "Am I Dandy?"

Thur, 18 August at 18 h guided tour "Ken. To Be Destroyed"

Sat, 20 August at 16 h guided tour MILLIONAIRES CAN BE TRANS* // YOU...

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Preview 29 July 2016, 18:30 - 28 July 2016

All my/our relations: Decolonizing the Western Philosophy through Indigenous and Feminist Collaboration

Series of lectures: Radical Transfeminism in connection with the exhibition MILLIONAIRES CAN BE TRANS*

With Sebastian de Line

Can posthumanism be decolonized?

In Cree and Michif indigenous languages, Niw_hk_m_kanak means ‘all my/our relations.’ In this discussion, I will endeavour to explain and weave together a possibility of collaboration between all my/our relations and diffractive posthumanism as transmitted in traditional indigenous knowledge explained by L. Little Bear and contemporary...

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Preview 31 July 2016, 14:00 - 31 July 2016

Interactive Walk: Queer Schöneberg

Walk through Schöneberg 2016//Berlin's Queer History for 90 minutes this Sunday with artist Ivy Ivy. We will engage our own intersecting identities and personal her-his-their-stories in context of the famous Queer neighborhood in which the Schwules Museum* is situated. Together we will respond to these stories through the collective creativity of the group.

Be prepared to open yourself up to ephemeral collaborations with the other participants and the city. 

Be prepared to create, share,...

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News 01 August 2016

Long Night of Museums: Start of Ticket Sales

The 2016 edition of the "Long Night of Museums" is on August 27!

This year, the Schwules Museum* will participate again. We are open that night until 2 am.

On Monday, August 1, the official ticket sale starts. Tickets are on offer at a discount price until August 16, for 12 €, with concession 10 €.

Special highlights that evening include: the head of our archive, Dr. Wolfgang Cortjaens, will act as DJ and play vintage LPs, all of them from our own music collection. (Anything from "The...

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News 23 June 2016 - 20 November 2016

Am I Dandy? Instructions on How to Lead an Extravagant Life

“Whoever doesn’t carry a backpack, wear a tattered sweater with torn jeans, but is just dressed normally is a dandy,” according to the late journalist Fritz J. Raddatz, who died in 2015 and was often called a modern dandy. Still, the question remains of who or what is a dandy?
The exhibition will try to provide an answer. By bringing historical dandy portrayals such as “Beau” Brummell or Oscar Wilde with current manifestations of dandyism together for the first time, it is possible to present the...

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News 09 June 2016

Ausschreibung „Wissenschaftliche Aufarbeitung der Schicksale der Opfer des ehemaligen § 175 StGB in Hessen im Zeitraum 1945 bis 1985“ gewonnen

Das Schwule Museum* hat eine Ausschreibung des Hessischen Ministeriums für Soziales und Integration gewonnen!

Das Projekt „Wissenschaftliche Aufarbeitung der Schicksale der Opfer des ehemaligen § 175 StGB in Hessen im Zeitraum 1945 bis 1985“ stellt den ersten Schritt in der hessischen Vergangenheitsbewältigung in dieser für LGBT*-Personen schwierige Epoche dar. Nach Rheinland-Pfalz widmet sich nun auch Hessen den Schicksalen der Opfer des § 175 StGB. Die Strafbarkeit des Paragrafen bezog sich...

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News 08 June 2016

Stellungnahme | Homophobie in Wissenschaft und Hochschulwesen

Siegfried Wagner, Homosexualität als Forschunsgegenstand und die Publikationsreihe Musik-Konzepte

Für Februar 2017 plant das Schwule Museum* Berlin eine Ausstellung über den Komponisten Siegfried Wagner (1869-1930): homosexueller Sohn und künstlerischer Erbe seines Vaters Richard, langjähriger Leiter der Bayreuther Festspiele, Dirigent der Werke seines Vaters und Großvaters Franz Liszt sowie Komponist mehrerer eigener Opern, die zu seinen Lebzeiten erfolgreich und mit prominenten Künstlern...

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News 21 June 2016

What's Your Story?

The intercultural youth project “What’s Your Story?” wants to help young queer refugees find their way into our society and culture. Their individual stories will be made visible to a larger public through an exhibition at the Schwules Museum*; the goal is to encourage young people to learn more about solidarity. At the same time, artistic, social and communicative skills are taught, in order to increase future job possibilities and the education of young refugees.

In the first part of the...

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Preview 11 August 2016, 18:30 - 11 August 2016

Radical Transfeminism: The failed political myth of equality through Law

A Case for Prison Abolition.

In this talk Chryssy Hunter und Sam Lamble of Bent Bars will be examining the limits of UK law in offering recognition, protection against various forms of discrimination harassment and victimisation, and promoting equality for minoritized people. In the context of Radical Transfeminism they are going to talk about the case of trans* feminine prisoners and how the law fails them. Using the Equality Act 2010 as a metonymic point of reference in this discussion of...

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News 12 July 2016

Schenkung des Vorlasses von Michael Fisch an das Schwule Museum* Berlin

Am Donnerstag, den 7. Juli 2016 um 12 Uhr übergab der Literaturwissenschaftler und Schriftsteller Prof. Dr. Michael Fisch einen Teil seines Vorlasses an den Archivleiter des Schwulen Museum* Berlin Dr. Wolfgang Cortjaens. Der Vorlass umfasst fünfzig gebundene Mappen mit Texten und Abbildungen, Briefen und Notizen, Manuskripten und Typoskripten und vieles mehr.

Michael Fisch, geboren 1964 in Gerolstein in der Eifel, absolvierte nach dem Abitur eine dreijährige Ausbildung zum...

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Exhibition 15 July 2016 - 17 October 2016

Stage Design: Peter Kothe. An East-West German Life

This exhibition of Peter Kothe's life and work is a continuation of our series about "queer" stage designers. So far, the Schwules Museum* has honored Paul Seltenhammer and Rochus Gliese with exhibitions, both men had major stylistic influences on the post-war Berlin theater scene. In this new exhibition, we explore Peter Kothe's career and life which both began in East Germany and later blossomed in the West, where he worked with film director Rosa von Praunheim von I Am My Own Woman (about the...

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