Exhibition 12 May 2017 - 28 August 2017

Simone de Beauvoir: "You aren’t born a woman, you become one"

Special Exhibition in the Context of Change of Scenery 2.01

Is women's empowerment an old hat, an out of date discussion, or a project of yesterday? Didn’t the category of gender disappear long ago? Do we still want to transcend Beauvoir's men today? Hasn’t the idea of a superior gender been superseded? If you look around Europe and the world today, this concept of gender is simply reiterated, or has never been questioned at all. The negation of women's empowerment also affects the rights of...

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Exhibition 02 March 2017 - 29 May 2017

ğ – queer forms migrate

ğ - the soft g - is a multidisciplinary art project featuring mostly Berlin-based artists and cooperation partners, that will take place in spring 2017 at the Schwules Museum*. The focus of this exhibition project is to explore the transcultural exchange of LGBTIQ* people between Berlin and Istanbul, or rather Turkey and Germany – as artistic migration does not only move in one direction. > more

News 06 September 2016

More Diversity at The Schwules Museum*: Introducing a Generation and Perspective Change

At the members meeting on September 6th 2016, The Schwules Museum* elected a new board of directors. The board was expanded from five to eight people, plus a coopted position, which will serve for two years instead of just one, as was previously the case. Dr. Birgit Bosold (Finance and Exhibitions), Dr. Kevin Clarke (Exhibitions, Events, and Press), and Jan-Claus Müller (Personnel & Volunteer Support) were reelected to the board and will continue serving in their previous positions. In addition...

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Exhibition 17 February 2017 - 26 June 2017

Siegfried Wagner: Bayreuth’s 'Fairy' Crown Prince

17 February 2017 – 26 June 2017, Opening Night February 16, 2017, 7:00 pm

The story of the Wagner clan – with all their violations of conventional morals, intrigues, scandals, and power-struggles surrounding Bayreuth – has kept the German public spellbound for over 150 years. The "Green Hill" and the festival held there annually since 1951 are regarded, by many, as the "Pantheon of the German People," a national shrine and cultural asset of the highest order.

Composer Richard Wagner...

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Exhibition 17 March 2017 - 05 June 2017

The Lightest Shade of Aflatoon

With the exhibition The Lightest Shade of Aflatoon for the first time Schwules Museum* focusses on the perspective of queer refugees. The exhibition is part of the project “What´s Your Story?” supported by Projektfonds Kulturelle Bildung Berlin in cooperation with the Queere Unterkunft Treptow (Queer Shelter Treptow) and Jugend im Museum e. V. (Youth at the Museum). > more

News 29 August 2016

From the Archive… - The “Hate Crime” File is now catalogued!

Julia Wigger, who recently completed her Masters degree in Public History at the Freie Üniversitat Berlin, has worked with the Schwules Museum* for nearly three years. Working as a volunteer since 2013, Julia has helped to develop an important part of the inventory of the SMU* Archive, which is now in a preliminary form, in order to be enabled for future use. The archival file relating to “Hate Crimes” (formerly entitled “Justice”) contains several thousand occurrences of “violence against...

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News 09 December 2016 - 01 May 2017

Change of Scenery 2.0: Rock Hudson and the AIDS Crisis

“I need a change of scenery, said the birch tree,” sang Hildegard Knef once, and henceforth started writing her own lyrics. Even in everyday life one speaks about a “change of scenery,” if the situation is to be changed fundamentally. A change of scenery is more than just applying a new coat of paint. It is a drastic change that provides a new backdrop for the existing fixtures: an aid in interpretation, another view, not only in everyday life, but also the questions of self-discovery, theories,...

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News 01 May 2017

Interview with Ashkan Sepahvand, Post-Colonial Curatorial Fellow at the Schwules Museum*

In April, 2016 the Schwules Museum* welcomed Ashkan Sepahvand to the team as a curatorial research fellow as part of the International Museum Fellowship Programme, which is funded by the Federal Cultural Foundation. Since then he has been working to develop a re-reading of LGBTIQ* history in Germany from a post-colonial perspective. The culmination of his research at the Schwules Museum* will be presented in the summer of 2017 in the form of an exhibition that will focus on decolonizing LGBTIQ*...

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Exhibition 12 May 2017 - 28 August 2017

Tapetenwechsel 2.01: Fortschreitende Arbeit

“I need a change of scenery, said the birch tree,” sang Hildegard Knef (Neff) once, and henceforth started writing her own lyrics. Even in everyday life one speaks about a “change of scenery,” if the situation is to be changed fundamentally. A change of scenery is more than a whitewash, it is a drastic change, nonetheless only giving a new background for the existing inventory. A tool of interpretation, a different view, not only in everyday life, but also in terms of identity, theories and...

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Preview 25 May 2017, 18:30

Die Verschwörung der Opernschwulen. Oder: Homophobie im internationalen Opernbetrieb. Eine Podiumsdiskussion

Man könnte meinen, das Thema Homosexualität in der Opernwelt sei heute kein Problem mehr – aber weit gefehlt. Erst im September 2016 schilderte die Kritikerin Eleonore Büning in der Frankfurter Allgemeinen Zeitung, dass „auffallend viele Schwule Oper toll“ fänden, aber dass ihre Begeisterung so „wahnsinnig anstrengend“ sei. Mehr noch: Die Opernschwulen würden sich neuerdings auch als politische Gruppe zusammenrotten, um Künstler_innen wie der georgischen Sopranistin Tamar Iveri das Berufsleben...

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Preview 26 May 2017, 17:00

Mama ğ - A talk with queer artist Aykan Safoğlu and his Mother Nevin Safoğlu

"In 1942 my Mom - Nevin Safoğlu - was born in Istanbul, where she lives to this day. She retired shortly after she had given birth to me at age 42. Following her career in the banking sector she is now working for a cosmetics company at age 75. Back in 2009 I interviwed her for Kaos GL - a queer magazine from Ankara. We started this conversation with a recording device in my kitchen in Berlin, where she paid me a visit. It wasn't easy to find a 'common tongue'. After a while we began to argue -...

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Preview 28 May 2017, 16:00

Screening: »Trans X Istanbul«

Mobile Kino presents: Film program with Maria Binder and Ebru Kırancı.

'Trans X Istanbul (Turkish with English subtitles)' will meet their Berlin audience in an open air screening that will be followed by a panel discussion (in Turkish and German)

Thousands of Trans*Women live in the big cities of Turkey. Crimes against Trans*Women are mostly not investigated. Ebru, a Trans*Woman from Istanbul fights against the displacement and murder of her companions. She wants to change Turkish society...

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Preview 16 June 2017 - 09 October 2017

Winckelmann – The Divine Sex

An exhibition commemorating the 300th Birthday of Johann Joachim Winckelmann (1717-1768). Curated by Dr. Wolfgang Cortjaens.

Exhibition Opening on June 15th at 7 pm.

Johann Joachim Winckelmann (Birth in Stendal in 1717, death in 1768 in Triest, Italy) is heralded as the founder of modern archaeology and art. His multivolume work, History of Ancient Art (1764), was an international bestseller and translated into several languages. Today it is still regarded as the basis and standard work of art...

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News 03 March 2017

ğ – kuir formların göçü

ğ - yumuşak g - çoğunlukla Berlin merkezli sanatçı ve çalışma ortaklarıyla gerçekleştirilecek ve 2017 baharında Schwules Museum*’da görülebilecek multidisipliner bir sanat projesidir. Berlin-İstanbul ya da Türkiye-Almanya hattında LGBTİQ* bireylerin transkültürel etkileşimlerini kavramak bu sergi projesinin odak noktasıdır; nitekim sanatsal göç tek yöne hareket etmez.

Proje, Türkiye’den gelen kuir-göçmen bireylerin hayat deneyimleriyle, ve özellikle bu deneyimleri konu edinen sanatsal...

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Preview 25 May 2017, 15:00

Hair salon with Sabuha Salaam

Sabuha  is a queer public figure. She likes to work with people as hair dresser, belly dancer, reading tea leaves and tarot cards. Furthermore, she is co-organizer of the Oriental Party Gayhane for LGBTIQ* people. She would not have thought that her career path would lead her into a museum one day - but now the time has come!

This event will be in German.

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Preview 29 May 2017, 16:00

Finissage - Artist Talk: Erinç Seymen

We would like to invite you to our closing event of the exhibition “ğ – queer forms migrate” and to celebrate with an artist talk at Schwules Museum*. Participating artist Erinç Seymen will hold a talk focusing on his artistic practices alongside co-curator of the exhibition Emre Busse.
Erinç Seymen was born in Istanbul, where he continues to live and work, and studied at Mimar Sinan University and Yıldız Technical University. Recent exhibitions include the solo shows The Seed and The Bullet,...

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Preview 01 June 2017, 18:30

Scenes from Operas: Siegfried Wagner II

The ungarian-romanian soprano Annamária Kászoni already sang in La Grand Macabre, Carmina Burana and Hoffmanns Erzählungen in the Vienna concert hall.
Igor Horvat began his studies music academy Zagreb. Recently he has been invited to Aspen Music Festival as Vocal Coach Fellow.

For the concert, the musicians will use a piano A-170 of the Bayreuth-manufactory Steingraeber & Söhne. www.steingraeber.de

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