Exhibition 13 December 2017

Homage to Andreas Sternweiler on his 60th birthday

This homage to Andreas Sternweiler – for his 60th birthday – honors one of the ‘founding mothers’ of the museum and one of our principal curators. From the beginning, it was Sternweiler who researched the daily life of gay men. His exhibition and book series Lebensgeschichten [Life Stories] remains a milestone. One of the side effects of the series was that the men portrayed in it did not only tell the museum their histories, they also donated material (documents, photos, paintings etc.) for our archive. Two of the protagonists, Albrecht Becker and Christian Adolf  Isermeyer, supported the museum financially, too.

Andreas Sternweiler was involved with two of our ground breaking large scale exhibitions: Goodbye to Berlin? 100 Jahre Schwulenbewegung at the Akademie der Künste in 1997, and Verfolgung homosexueller Männer in Berlin 1933-45 at the Schwules Museum and Gedenkstätte Sachsenhausen in 2000.

In 2004 the museum’s first permanent exhibition, Selbstbehauptung und Beharrlichkeit - Zweihundert Jahre Geschichte, was curated by Andreas Sternweiler as well.

Thanks to his tireless work, Sternweiler helped move the Schwules Museum to a new level. He also curated the first exhibition at this new location in 2013, entitled Transformation.

Andreas Sternweiler has always had a passion for collecting things. As a child he owned an expansive collection of wrapping papers for oranges. Today, he has an ever-expanding collection of objects that document gay life in all its facets. His singular art collection was bought by the Schwules Museum* in 2009 with the support of the Kulturstiftung der Länder and various other sponsors. The so called “Sternweiler Collection” is the corner stone of our renowned art archive.

The Homage to Andreas Sternweiler is part of the exhibition Change of Scenery 2.03, curated by Wolfgang Theis.