Exhibition 17 January 2018

12 Moons

A yearlong program with films by feminist women* film makers and video artists

During this year, one room in the museum is transformed into a film lounge. The program can be viewed during the regular opening hours of the museum, and changes every new moon.  The program consists of a selection of international movies and video pieces by (female) feminists and FLT*I (women, lesbians, trans* and inter).

This format is meant to be an yearlong intervention into the museum. It makes space for/gives room to strong female* subject positions and characters to identify with. Shown are alternative perspectives on lived realities beyond prevalent normative representations and narratives.

The curator works, in close collaboration with changing guest curators*, on a year-long search for previously unseen stories, lesbian film classics, contemporary queer positions and the voices of Women* of Color.

The 12 Moons program brings you insights into everyday lives and desires, questions relationship structures and power formations. It searches for moments of healing, utopian phantasies and bears witness to the global struggle of women* for respect, self-determination and room for self-development.

"Am Anfang die Mütter" (At the Beginning the Mothers)
The program starts with the first new moon on January 17, 2018

The first moon cycle is named after the matriarchy scholar Heide Göttner-Abendroth. She translates matriarchy not as “rule of women” but through the greek root “arché” as “beginning”. The program addresses the work of filmmakers* and protagonists* on matrilinearity and the relationships to their mothers.

Curator: Vera Hofmann

Program planning: with changing guest curators*

Lounge installation: with Théo Demans

Assistance: Felix Scharr

Vera Hofmann is an artist living in Berlin who works multidisciplinary for international exhibition and research projects. She is a member of the board of directors at Schwules Museum and co-project leader of the "Year of Wo_men" in 2018.

The 12 Moons project is financed by the Senatsverwaltung für Kultur und Europa as part of the Year of Wo_men.